E6GG – Niue 2015

tn_Niue coastline


The “Six-G’s” expedition team operated from Niue as E6GG from 15th to 29th September 2015. This is essentially the same team that operated from TX6G (Australs) in 2014.

Team members were G3BJ, G3SVL, G3TXF, G3WGN, G3WPH, G4JKS and G4TSH (yes – seven members of the “Six-G’s”!)

Operation was from a coastal site on the North coast of Niue with a clear sea take-off to Europe, US and Asia.

The team took four complete high power stations, with at least three operational at any time.

A page showing the results of the DXpedition is available here

An article describing the team’s experiences on the DXpedition can be downloaded as a pdf here.