E6GG operating location


Our operating location
Looking North

We believe that this was the first DXpedition that has operated from Niue from a near sea edge location. We hope this helped our signal significantly.

We operated from the village of Mutalau, in the North-East of Niue and, through the kindness of local villagers, obtained the use of a large area of flat land and an adjacent village hall.

We used antennas which take into account that the location is 40m above sea level, and a short distance back from the sea edge.

All equipment was hand-carried to Niue, which means we did not take a lot of antenna hardware, relying on wire antennas. Nonetheless, we took seven 18m Spiderpoles, several shorter ones, as well as a lot of wire, coaxial cable and guying cord. The total weight of the equipment was in the order of 400 Kg, plus personal effects.

Looking West
Looking East