E6GG Operating plans

Operating plans

This page has not been updated since the expedition.


We will operate to the DX code of conduct (http://www.dx-code.org/) and expect all those calling us to do so as well.

We will have at least three stations on air 24/7. A fourth may be used from time to time.

Unless the pile-ups reduce very significantly, we will ALWAYS work split. Please listen carefully to our directions on where we are listening.

We will give careful attention to “edge” openings – particularly on 80 and 160. The opening to Western Europe on LF will be very short – down to about 40 minutes – and so we will listen uniquely for Western Europe at that time. Similarly, if we detect a short opening to other parts of the world, we will ask others to stand by whilst we work that region. Please respect our request when we ask for specific areas of the world.

We will select our operating frequencies to avoid clashing with other expeditions active at the same time. We will not announce our frequencies in advance of the expedition

There will be no PSK operation. On RTTY we will use multi-channel receive technology – you will have a better chance of working us quickly if you pick your calling frequency and stay there until we find you.

Subject to internet speed, we plan to upload logs daily to Clublog and LOTW. Please check these sources and try to avoid dupe calling.

We will not have real-time cluster access, so please do not try to communicate with us that way.