Equipment and Antennas

Equipment: Three Elecraft stations, each consisting of a K3 and a KPA500. Logging: Laptops running Win-Test, networked.

Antennas: Vertical dipole arrays for 20 through 10m. Quarter-wave verticals for 30 and 40m. 18m loaded vertical for 80m. 18m inverted-L for 160m. Various receive antennas for LF. All antennas will be located close to the water and supported by fibreglass poles.

More work needed

Centre of the VDA – more work needed!

Imporved centrepiece

The new improved VDA centrepiece!

Under test

A 17m VDA under test at G3SVL QTH


The Mk 2 version under test!

The island has a good short-path take-off to the main centres of amateur radio population. Unfortunately, the island also has a large mountain, which will be behind the operating location making long-path QSOs very challenging, so expect short-path to predominate.

A view of the operating location, looking down from Mt. Hiro
(photo Copyright © David Lloyd, K3EL)